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Teachers send home notes to parents all the time, but this note caught moms eye. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Jacqueline Archie, who received a note that her 6-year-old was talking about Black girl magic and making white kids cry.

6-year-old Mariah’s teacher sent Archie a note that read:

“I’m writing to you out of concern for an incident we had in class today with Mariah,” the email states. “During our free play time, Mariah was walking around the classroom yelling ‘I have Black girl magic’ to white female classmates.”

This note didn’t surprise Archie one bit. “I thought it was hilarious,” she said adding,”that’s just my daughter.”

“Mariah walks to the beat of her own drum,” Archie says. To mom this sounded like something Mariah would do, “just because she can.”

They haven’t discussed Black girl magic in depth but Archie believes Mariah understands it “enough to know that it’s something the white girls in class can’t have.”

Mariah admitted to teasing her classmates but mom “didn’t address the Black girl magic portion,” but did tell her not to tease.

Jacque thinks we should make little Mariah the poster child for Black girl magic.


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