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Tune in to the show tonight to catch another edition of the  #OhSoReal Scenario  ! Tonight, Taysia is asking for your advice, give us a call, (844) 258-8762 or feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook page!

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Taysia is 34 and says that she knows her mom doesn’t like her soon to be fiance Darris  Taysia says her mom always gives him the cold shoulder. When Taysia asked her mom why she didn’t like Darris, her response was I don’t think he’s the man for you. Taysia says she doesn’t feel comfortable bringing Darris around her mom because she’s worried about how she’ll treat him or what she might say. Tonight, Taysia wants to know is it possible to have a healthy and successful relationship with your significant other if they don’t get along with your parents.  

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