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It’s all about the spectacle this week with some bizarre and otherworldly things showing up on people’s timelines.

Some major figures are using stunts and special effects to get a message across or to just catch people off-guard, and many of their efforts have caused them to go viral.

Just take the Mississippi pastor Bartholomew Orr. During a Sunday sermon, Orr wanted to get the point across that Jesus is coming again. But instead of just using the bible and a spirited sermon to spread the news, Orr opted for a more dramatic approach.

At the start of his sermon, Orr zip-lined over his congregation at Brown Baptist Church, and the video was posted to the church’s YouTube channel.

You can peep the grand entrance for yourself below starting at the 3:13 mark.


Cell phone footage of the incident went viral on social media and Pastor Orr got some backlash from some people who thought it was over the top.

“Just when you thought you’d seen it all, wonder how much of tithes went toward funding the contraption for this circus act,” one Facebook user wrote, according to

In a follow-up video, Orr later clarified that the lift he used wasn’t installed specifically for his sermon. It’s actually been used for years, especially for the church’s Christmas productions.

Despite the haters, Orr said in his video that he’s glad the stunt helped “get the word out” about the Christian gospel and he assured, “There is a bigger picture and that is Christ is returning soon, and just as Christ’s return is going to be unexpected, my flying in this morning was unexpected. But we must be ready.”

Clearly, folks weren’t ready. May the Mighty One have mercy on their souls.


Another person defying gravity that people weren’t ready for was Kyrie Irving.

On Friday, a video surfaced of Kyrie doing an on-court workout.

Normal, right?

Only thing is, he was doing a leaning/balancing act that would have made Michael Jackson break his ankles.


Watch Kyrie top the King of Pop in the clip below…


The Internet was shook.


Many people believed the video was edited using special effects. However, when Kyrie was asked about it on Monday by, he said his balancing act was “magic.”

“That’s all I can say,” he said, smiling. “It’s just magic. I’m just appreciative of Nike giving me the technology, my shoes, being able to capture that on camera.”

An expected answer from someone who once claimed the earth was flat.


It seems the secrets behind the leaning tower of Kyrie will remain a mystery, unfortunately.


The same can’t be said about thirsty Twitter this week. One photo trend took off on Friday that had people showing off their horrible Photoshop skills.

Everyday users hilariously tried to create the illusion that they had romantic flings with some major stars. It supposedly all started with Twitter user @BeeBabs when she took the liberty of cutting out a pic of Michael B. Jordan and inserting it into a photo of herself. She captioned the pic, “I met this guy on holiday this summer-we had such a great connection but I changed my number and we lost touch. Twitter do your thing.”


T   H   I   R   S   T   Y.

But hey, we ain’t mad.

Surely, many summer-time flings with celebrities have crossed our imaginations. Twitter certainly had no shame. They quickly followed up on @BeeBabs’ tweet and asked the Twitter-verse to find their own long lost celebrity lovers.

Oh how much we lack water and constantly need our thirst quenched.

“Special effects” saved the Internet once again.

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