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The holidays can be so beautiful, but it’s also a season that comes with many, many…MANY expectations. From finishing out strong at your place of employment to dealing with toxic family members, it can get stressful. Not to mention, all the gifts you’re supposed to magically have money for, in addition to your usual bills. It becomes a lot and we don’t blame anyone who’s feeling worn out, sad, or even a little less than flawless this time of year.

With all that said, for World Kindness Day today, we’re here to help you be a little nicer to YOURSELF as you do your best to get through it all. Besides all the situations you might be dealing with personally, it’s also been difficult for all of us to go out into the world with optimism about our lives as we witness crippling injustice day in and day out. Young Black faces are being killed on the regular, mass shooters threaten concerts, bars, and even schools…we’re tired and at the risk of sounding dramatic, somewhat traumatized.

So as we get through these tough times and bring in 2019, self-care is a must…body positivity is a must…self-love is non-negotiable. If we want a better, kinder world we have to begin with how we speak to ourselves.

So, where should you start? We’re millennials, so we’re not about to tell you to go get a massage (although, don’t get us wrong, you should definitely hideaway at your favorite spa as often as you can).

Instead, since we know the first thing you do in the morning is check your phone, we’re feeding right into your unhealthy gadget addiction with 5 pages you need to follow on Instagram—not now, but RIGHT NOW. Turn on the notifications, save the posts that speak to you, and internalize positive affirmations on the go, before bed, and when you’re feeling like no one in the world can possibly understand, use these accounts to relieve the pressure.

These pages, as suggested by the editors of Global Grind &, help us feel like the bad motherf*ckers we are.

…Also, go to the spa.


It’s no coincidence the alternative and holistic health guru has nearly 100,000 followers. If you’re having trouble moving on from the past and focusing on a brighter future, she’s your go-to.


One of our own, Rae Holliday’s “InspiRAEtional Quotes” go viral on the regular. The award-winning media and TV personality knows about starting from the ground up and will have you feeling more empowered and focused in no time.


Have a dream, but not so confident in your abilities to achieve anything more than the regular, degular? This is the page for you.


Affirmations of gratitude, faith and self-love come in different forms. Whenever we feel down on love or not as confidence in our blackness, we head to this page just to remind ourselves we matter and that special someone is out there for us.


The Self-Care Station describes itself as a space that “honors the importance of choosing self-care over self-harm.” Simply put, this page gets it.


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