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Download the volunteer guide we talked about on air here.

We are now just 5 days away from Election Day and we need all hands on deck. Unless Trump is impeached, he’s going to be our President for two more years, but this election is our only chance to be able to have the power to not only block him in Congress, but to investigate him. This is also our chance to turn many red states and districts blue before the next presidential election.

Listen to me – if we can help Stacey Abrams win in Georgia, where Republicans have been winning for a generation, we not only change the future of the entire state, we also set up the next presidential candidate to be able to win as well. It matters. In the most recent poll I saw, Stacey is up in Georgia by just 1%, but that’s within the margin of error. She could actually be down 3-4%. We don’t know. All we do know is that it is super close – and her opponent, Brian Kemp, is a vote suppressing bigot, is throwing everything at her but the kitchen sink.

Yesterday, frankly, he did something I’ve never seen before in decades of studying politics. Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams were scheduled to have their final debate on this Sunday. It was televised. They had a contract. And the man canceled. She had been prepping for this. Television networks had already booked the airtime, and the man just bailed.

And here’s what I know, Kemp is scared. That’s why he bailed on this debate and it’s why Trump is on his way there.

Speaking of Trump – he continues – sometimes several times a day now – to attack our main man Andrew Gillum who’s running for Governor of Florida. In the latest polls, Andrew has pulled ahead by as much as 5 points in a 51-46 lead, but we must keep on pushing.

About half of the states still have early voting, and I know we’ve said it 100 times, but if you haven’t already voted, vote today, so that you can spend the final 5 days helping get other people out to vote. Speaking of early voting, polls show that early voting in Texas has smashed so many records and the latest poll in the race between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke finally have Beto surging – which is exactly what we needed to see. Beto is still down by 3% in that new poll, but he had been down by as much 8-10%. He’s within the margin of error – so – to all of our Texas listeners – and to everybody who even knows somebody in Texas – this is our chance to not only oust a truly horrible man from the Senate, it’s a chance to replace him with a star. I know Beto. I trust him. And I believe he is a once in a lifetime leader for the state of Texas. Let’s get this man in office!

Now, on this past Tuesday I said that if you are able to take off of work on Election Day, which is next Tuesday, please do. Of course, if that’s going to jam you up on your job, then don’t worry about it, but if you have a vacation day that you can afford to use, I want you to consider taking off on Tuesday.

Now don’t take off if all you are going to do is sit and home and watch television. I’m going to give you a few options now for how you can use Election Day to make a real difference.

  1. Contact your favorite local candidate, go to their website, look for the volunteer link, look for the contact phone number, and let them know that you are taking off on Tuesday to help the campaign. They may actually ask if you can help sooner over these next few days. If you can, do it. But if you try to do this, and for some reason it doesn’t work for you


  1. Here in a few minutes we’re going to post this whole commentary on and on the top of that commentary I am giving you a link full of about 45 different ways you can volunteer not only Tuesday, but every single day between now and Tuesday. It’s going to show you where to go and what to do. It’s going to give you options you can do from home, like texting and calling prospective voters, as well as ways you can help actual campaigns. I just looked at this volunteer guide a few minutes ago and it’s brilliant.


  1. Lastly, and I’ll close with this today, we need you to use your influence to help get your own friends and family and co-workers and neighbors out to vote. Nobody has more influence with those folk than you do. A stranger can make a difference, but nothing is more effective than you recruiting the people you actually know to vote. Text them, call them, offer to give them a ride, do whatever you need to do, but just don’t assume that everybody you know is going to vote. Odds are that about half of everybody we know, in spite of all of this hype, will still sit this one out, and getting them to the polls is how we’re going to win.


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