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When NFL star Marshawn Lynch isn’t on the football field, he’s focused on giving back to those in need. His latest philanthropic project will provide the homeless population in Oakland and Seattle with smartphones, AfroTech reported.

Lynch’s mobile device company Beast Mobile has joined forces with Fam1st Family Foundation to create an initiative called Phones for the Homeless. Through the project, 3,000 homeless people on the West Coast will receive smartphones and three months of free service. Each phone will come equipped with the Beast Mobile app which allows users to receive credits for playing games, participating in surveys and watching videos.

Beast Mobile and Fam1st Family Foundation launched this project in efforts to examine the habits and whereabouts of individuals who are homeless so that they can better serve that population. They also hope that through this project those who receive the phones will be able to stay in touch with their loved ones and access the internet for resources.

“There is a myth out there that homeless people already get phones from the Government. To qualify for a phone you must already receive some type of assistance like food stamps or Medicare/Medicaid. Also you need to have a home address which homeless people do not have,” read the initiative’s website. “With Seattle having the 3rd largest homeless population in the U.S. and Oakland (and the Bay Area) having the 4th largest, Beast Mobile and Fam1st Family Foundation are committed to providing a solution to help city officials communicate with this previously untrackable demographic.”

Phones for the Homeless is currently working towards raising $250,000 to provide individuals with three months of free service. Bright Corporation has pledged to donate 3,000 phones.

Homelessness has been a pressing issue in our country. A recent study revealed that Black Americans are about three times more likely to live on the streets than white Americans.


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