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White savagery is on the loose, from college kids in Washington State to even across the pond in Britain. A white woman had a privileged breakdown while on a train in London and it was all caught on tape.

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A British woman, who has not been identified but we are sure social media is on the case, was on the London Overground train when she appeared to become upset that she was the only person without melanin on the train.

She turned her Caucasian rage on an Asian woman and roared, “Fuck you all, get that on YouTube. I’m a Jeremy Kyle wannabe, I couldn’t give a fuck. I am British, let Britain be British. ” Jeremy Kyle is a British personality known for his anti-immigrant beliefs. The thug continued, “I’m on a train and their ain’t one fucking British c*** on here, and what! ‘Boo hoo, you’re crying. Boo hoo, boo hoo.’”

She continued, “What do I think about immigrants? Fuck off! Great Britain is a small country and it has had enough. We don’t want anymore immigrants, we want Britain to be Britain. Fuck that you c**t, fuck it, fuck it!” she shouted.

The beastly savage ranted for 20 minutes. See a clip below:

A teacher named Nassima Iggoute recorded the woman and posted the video on Facebook. Iggoute, according to The Independent, wrote in the caption, “We sat on the London Overground this evening in front of this woman. She looked at us, asked if we even spoke English and if we were British. She then spent 20 minutes spewing hate speech. It took a lot to stay calm in a situation like this but I needed to get her on video to be able to report her.”

Sadly, this is nothing new in Britain. Just like there has been a spike in hate crimes in the U.S. since Trump was elected, there has been a spike in hate crimes in Britain since the Brexit vote in June 2016.


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