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Snoop Dogg is never one to hold his tongue, especially when it’s messing up business. And to him, Kanye West is messing up a few things in the culture. Snoop stopped by The Madd Hatta Morning Show along with Tamar Braxton in lieu of his upcoming Redemption Of A Dogg stage play with Je’Caryous Johnson and decided to make a few things clear about his relationship with Ye.

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“We made up,” Snoop says of Ye rocking a Snoop hoodie but with a MAGA hat. “The message is getting across. It’s halfway home! From the neck down, he got it! He just need a check up from the neck up!”

On him and Kanye:

“I don’t know why people thought I hated him. I hate the fact that he’s being brainwashed and being used because he has so many people that follow him that love him. And he can really taint the understanding People believe in us and follow us … It’s not me being mad at him, it’s me being mad at the system for using him and he not having smart people around him to see that. But now he back in Chicago around some … lemme say this, n*ggas, so his game is started to get reloaded and reshuffled.”

“Chicago people like, ‘What are you talkin’ about slavery was a choice, n*gga I’ll slap the sh*t out of you. You know what our great grandmama nem all went through?”

On Kim Kardashian’s “Big” Past:

“He getting into the reality of, I can’t say but his wife has a past. And it’s catching up to her because you can’t erase your past. So either you’re going to accept her for who she is and her past and keeping it moving cause you can’t keep pointing fingers at people saying stuff. It’s a big past man. It go on and on and on.”

Watch the full interview:

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