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Can you imagine getting fired because someone else is racist? That is what allegedly happened to Giselle Maurice, a nanny in New York City.

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According to the New York Post, Maurice was starting her first day of work for Lynsey Plasco-Flaxman  and Joel Plasco in 2016. However, when she arrived via the nanny agency she worked for, Lynsey accidentally sent a text to Maurice that read, “NOOOOOOOOOOO ANOTHER BLACK PERSON.” Oh, and she sent the text twice.

After Lynsey sent the text, she reportedly immediately fired Maurice because she felt “uncomfortable.” Maurice filed a lawsuit “for discrimination and seeking compensation for wages she says she was promised — $350-a-day for a six-month live-in gig,” reports the New York Post. She said, “[I want] to show them, look, you don’t do stuff like that. I know it’s discrimination.”

What is the excuse of the family? They couldn’t trust her after their racism was exposed. “[My wife] had sent her something that she didn’t mean to say. She’s not a racist. We’re not racist people.” Joel continued, “But would you put your children in the hands of someone you’ve been rude to, even if it was by mistake? Your newborn baby? Come on.”

Maurice told the Post, “This is my reputation. Why would I do something to a baby? I was willing to work with her and prove her wrong, but it was her conscience, and she couldn’t work with me anymore.”

Joel feels like he is being extorted and whined, “I’m not someone who has millions of dollars lying around to just pay off people that are coming after me for extortion. And now you’re playing straight into her hands.” Plasco, the co-chairman of the Dalmore Group investment bank banker, babbled some more, saying, “My wife was two months off having a baby, suffering from a very difficult situation. You’re going to go after someone like that? That’s not a very nice thing to do.”

Well, it’s not nice to be a racist and fire someone over your racist ways. Yep, racism costs and hopefully this investment banker will be forced to pay up.


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