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What was once thought as a clear cut race for Gretchen Whitmer in her pursuit of being the next Governor of Michigan is now becoming more competitive. Her opponent, Republican Bill Schuette has seen a recent spike in interest from voters in a race that clearly looked one sided to a certain extent. Freep reports that in the latest poll, Schuette has went from a nuisance to a legitimate contender against Whitmer.

In a poll commissioned by the Detroit Free Press it seems like Republicans interest in Schuette has risen despite a universal lack of interest in Donald Trump and his affiliates whom represent the party. In the latest poll, Schuette’s support has risen to 37 percent.

This is compared to Whitmer’s 45 percent which is a significant lead, but the sudden surge in voters interested in Schuette is concerning for the Democratic Party and Whitmer especially. In addition to this there seems to be growth in support of independent candidates.

This spike in interest from both Republicans and independents seems to stem from recent campaign ads that are negatively effecting the support for both candidates.

Though this is concerning for voters looking to axe Republicans from office in the state, other polls actually show Whitmer with a significant lead, for example a poll with the Detroit News actually has Whitmer in the lead by 14 percent.

While this is comforting for the Democratic Party, members of the party should still consider spreading the word of Whitmer’s plans which include expanding healthcare throughout the state, fixing roads in cities, and emphasizing women’s rights.

Members of both parties should make sure to register to vote in the meantime, and prepare for the November election.





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