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We can’t imagine that going on a game show and sitting under those bright lights while trying to win a substantial amount of money is easy—but this guy really, really screwed it up. Evan Kaufman was opposite Tim Meadows on 100,000 Pyramid and he needed to help the actor guess people whose last name is Obama. Now, of course there is an entire family of Obamas—Barack, Michelle, Maliah, Sasha—but for some reason the clue Evan gave Tim wasn’t any of the four. He instead blurted out “Bin Laden.” Wait a minute, what you talkin’ ’bout Evan? Did you just confuse Obama with Osama—how? Did you somehow read “people whose first name is Osama?”

Even Chrissy Teigen was brought to tears.

Of course, moments like these don’t just die down in the digital age—people have been reposting and retweeting the clip to the point that it’s been viewed over two million times. But, in what he says is the most embarrassing moment of his life, Evan decided to come forward and explain. After reading what he had to say, we’re bothered but can eventually forgive…Possibly. Check out what he had to say below, as he seems pretty genuine.

First off, he says Tim Meadows is one of his heroes.

Next, he admits he was warned about misreading the question.

He loses round one, but still has some fun.

He somehow ends up making it to the final round and seems to be overthinking due to the producers’ note about reading carefully LOL.

Apparently, he may have even voted for Obama?

This is where it all started to go left.

His brain allegedly went to Osama because it sounds like Obama. Also Osama was killed by the Obama administration.

What do you think?

He admits that he obviously some “inherent racism” in his brain. Obviously.

Evan also wants people to know he eventually corrected himself.

This, we can all agree on.

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