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The parade of viral videos capturing racist incidents seems never-ending. A man was fired from a Mississippi hospital after he used a hateful slur to refer to an employee at a nearby donut shop.

Kyle Thomas, who was off-duty from his radiology job at the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, decided to act up on Saturday (Aug. 11). Luckily, his referring to Keaundrea Wardlaw, a worker at the Donut Palace in Flowood, as the N-word was caught on video. Wardlaw recorded the tense encounter, which started over a complaint, CBS affliliate WJTV reported.

Thomas was reportedly upset about the customer service that he received at the eatery. A back-and-forth exchange began between Wardlaw and Thomas before the man said the slur.

After the hospital received word of what Thomas did, he was fired.

“We are aware of the confrontation captured on video involving one of our off-duty employees at a local donut shop,” read a statement from Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. “We take this situation very seriously. This employee’s language and behavior does not represent our organization’s values and his employment has been terminated.”

The statement continued, “We want our patients, employees, physicians and our community to know that we find the language used in the video to be completely unacceptable and inconsistent with what we expect from employees or anyone associated with our organization.  We are committed to a work environment that is inclusive and where everyone is respected and valued.”

Thomas apologized to Wardlaw’s boss for disturbing the peace, however, he didn’t express any remorse to the very person he hurt. Wardlaw would have graciously accepted his apology if he decided to say something, she said.


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