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The Republican Candidate for Florida House District 23 also happens to be a Jamaican woman who supports Trump. However,Carla Spalding learned quickly that there is no loyalty to her, even if she is in the sunken place.

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Spalding, 49, was babbling at an Americans For Trump-Broward event when she tried to convince the audience to vote for her because she wasn’t old and white. Because of her Republican opponents — Joe Kaufman, 48, who is white, and Carlos Reyes, 59, who is Hispanic — Spalding thought it was smart to say, “They are not going to vote for an old white man in the certain communities. That’s a fact.”

The audience gasped but she continued: “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what you say.”

Watch Spalding destroy her sunken place political career below:

Now, her fellow Republicans have turned on her.

Joe Budd, president of Palm Beach County’s Trump Club, said at the event her comment was “absolutely out of line. It’s a discriminatory racist comment,” according to Sun Sentinel. “When I heard her say that, I was just shocked.”

He added: “I think the voters will decide, but if she’s going to blow up like that in the primary, she’s going to blow up in the general [election campaign] as well.”

Spalding was also being destroyed on social media.

She was even compared to Roseanne Barr:

Spalding responded on Facebook, clearly surprised by the backlash.

“Perhaps I wasn’t politically correct in explaining why he isn’t a viable candidate. But it’s still the truth. Reyes isn’t going to be relatable in our urban areas in the General Election,” she wrote. “I assumed you were looking beyond the primary. We need to be able to reach all of the people in our diverse district. I can. We need to be focused on helping our President by winning seats. Not playing PC word games like the snowflakes.”

Girl, give it up.


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