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The #MeToo movement has shown no signs of letting up after it’s helped hold several high-profile men accountable for claims of misconduct. Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, who is facing allegations over groping four women, could be the next if state GOP members have their way, according to USA Today.

The call for Hill’s resignation came after another Black politician, John Conyers left his Congress post in Michigan following harassment allegations in December. As African-Americans politicians like Hill and Conyers join their white counterparts facing sexual accusations, Trump remained in office despite verified horror stories of sexual harassment against him, prompting a number of questions about why Republicans were speaking out about Hill and not also the nation’s commander-in-chief.

Activists pointed to a factor they said plays a role in why not all men are implicated in regards to misconduct allegations. Protesters said there were “politically powerful men” who have protected Hill, who like Trump, has denied misconduct and wants to stay in office, according to IndyStar. Adding insult to injury, the misguided “support” came at a time when women were especially raising their voices about having no support and no protection against crimes.

For those who may keep quiet about harassment on Capitol Hill, some have joined activists in saying some things — but not everything. Gov. Eric Holcomb, House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate leader David Long said Hill should step down immediately over allegedly groping four women at a bar in March. They also wanted an inspector general to investigate the allegations.

Hill was charged with inappropriately touching the women during a party celebrating the end of the legislative session at AJ’s Lounge in Indianapolis, the IndyStar reported Monday. A drunk Hill reached underneath a lawmaker’s clothes and grabbed her rear end, the lawmaker, who was not identified, wrote in a June 18 memo obtained by the newspaper and prepared at the behest of legislative leaders.

Another legislative staffer said Hill groped her from behind as she tried to remove his hand. A third woman who is also a legislative employee said Hill hugged her. The fourth woman, also is on staff, said Hill rubbed her back.

Hill also told women at the bar to show more skin and leg to get free drinks and better service, several women alleged. The women’s names were not immediately released.


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