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So just in case you’re not woke, robots are pretty much on track to take over the world.

No big.

Robots can now jog, do backflips, and soon, they could even replace stunt doubles.

Just ask Disney.

The mega-conglomerate — who owns ABC, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm — all of a sudden decided they need athletic robots for their theme parks.

According to Business Insider, the humanoid ‘bots can perform incredible stunts in midair — they’re calling them “Stuntronics.”

So great, they have a cool name too.


With Stuntronics, parks like Disneyland hope to create ‘bots that can act as “stunt doubles” for other “hero” animatronic figures in the park. They will be able to flip through the air, control their rotation and control their center of mass. They’ll even be able to strike a superhero pose in mid-air.

…so the Stuntronics will literally be stuntin’ on jokers.


Peep them in action below…


So yea, robots are out here thriving.

And the fact that Disney is behind it is no surprise.

Let’s just make sure we all stay conscious of what “Disney” is up to.


Or else…


Just sayin’.

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