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Another day, another racist cop is exposed and he barely gets punished.

Frank Di Orsini, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, was caught on another officer’s body camera making horribly racist comments. According to CBS 12, Di Orsini was investigating the break-in of his car, which was a Jeep parked outside of his house. The burglar broke open the rear passenger window and stole about $80 from his wallet. Who leaves a wallet with money in their vehicle? Clearly, this man has no street smarts.

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Perturbed by the break-in, Di Orsini pulled a Roseanne and got right to the racism, babbling, “It smells like f***ng dirty n*****s in my f***ing car.”

What a strange statement … what exactly do “dirty n***ers” smell like to white people? We need a detailed description of this so-called scent that only the nostrils of a white person can pick up.

Watch the video below:

Di Orsini’s reasoning for letting his racist flag fly high? CBS 12 reported that he said “emotions got the better of him.”

Florida Senator Bobby Powell, Jr., who is Black, did not accept this excuse.

“It’s very alarming. I’m very concerned that this would happen,” Powell said. “It’s not just the language, it’s not just something that he said. It was the tone behind it, and the intent. The hurtfulness.”

The police department released the following statement: “The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office holds its employees to the highest standards and never forgets about its duty to preserve the public’s trust. Allegations of inappropriate behavior, criminal or otherwise, are taken very seriously.”

Actually, their standards aren’t that high because there was another incident where one of their officers using social media compared Michelle Obama to a monkey, CBS 12 also reported. As for Di Orsini, his punishment was a week-long suspension, which is basically a vacation.

It is scary that a deputy who has this type of hate toward a Black person he literally imagined can patrol the streets with a weapon and a license to kill. West Palm Beach is 30.2 percent Black and 23.4 Hispanic, therefore, a deputy with this type of hate is not only unprofessional but dangerous.


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