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Violent Protests Erupt At UC Berkeley Against Speech By Breitbart Writer

Source: Elijah Nouvelage / Getty

That disease called racism is clearly trying to catch it’s second wind before it’s just an ugly, ancient concept of the past.


Trump’s dangerous rhetoric regarding immigration has caused a lot of turmoil in the nation and exposed bigots from every corner of the country. You would think that New York was a little more progressive than the rest of the US, but judging by the disgusting prick going off below — apparently not.

Is it just us, or does the angry, entitled bigot seem like more of a danger to society than the employees who were attacked, just for speaking Spanish?

A lot of people’s beef with Kanye West stems from the fact that the man he calls his “boy” is the ring leader of all the hateful encounters we’ve been experiencing as a nation, like the one above.

Sometimes, folks are so caught up in their privilege that they lack basic, common sense. Did the Manhattan bigot not learn at his segregated prep school that the US has no official language? Or maybe he hasn’t taken the Subway up to Spanish Harlem yet.


Either way, this type of behavior is a disgrace to the entire human race.

He’s lucky he went off in Manhattan and not the Bronx or Brookyn. The only ICE he would be referring to is the kind needed to put over his eye after a beat down. SMH.


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