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White paranoia continues to take center stage this week with various instances of White people calling the police on Black people.

In one instance, a Black woman gets law enforcement sent on her because she was taking a nap in a Yale dorm. In another instance, three Black women — one whom was Bob Marley‘s granddaughter — get the police called on them because neighbors thought they were robbing a house — when in fact, they were checking out of an Airbnb.


Now, another video has gotten major attention when a White woman called the cops on Black people for having a barbecue in the park.

The whole incident took place a few weeks ago in Oakland and according to the White woman, Kenzie Smith and his family were trespassing by being in the wrong area for charcoal grilling.

So of course, she had to get the cops involved instead of minding her business.

Kenzie’s wife Michelle Snider captured the White woman’s aggressive behavior on video and thus the whole incident went viral.

According to an Oakland Park and Rec map, Kenzie and his family were grilling in a non-charcoal grilling area. However, according to Kenzie, “I have seen people barbecue with charcoal for years.”

When the police arrived, no one was arrested, but outrage about the incident spread across the city.

“When you engage law enforcement in these kinds of things you are opening the door for things to go very wrong, the potential for arrests like in Philadelphia with those two Black men or worse physical assault or death and I don’t believe in this day and age that White folks don’t know that,” said mayoral candidate Cat Brooks.

Black and brown folks even threw a party in that same Oakland park as a way of protesting the police call.

Not to mention, a series of hilarious memes got the point across that White people can be OD when it comes to getting cops involved with Black functions.

Swipe through for the funniest reactions!

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