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Jalen Bell has served his country but that didn’t stop a group of white man from brutally attacking him. The U.S. Navy veteran revealed he was assaulted this weekend in Dallas, Texas, and, thankfully, his social media posts have gone viral.

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Bell wrote on Facebook, “This weekend, while celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a friend, I was violently attacked by group of white security guards. They called me ‘nigger’ as they punched, stomped and grabbed my throat with such force I felt my trachea beginning to snap. They cracked my ribs and injured my eyes, jaw and back.” The post continued, “This all started after I accidentally sat my drink down in a section of the club reserved to a group of about seven men. One of the men put out a cigarette in my drink and he and I exchanged words. My friend and I decided to leave after the confrontation and this group of security guards was waiting for us at the exit. Without any provocation at all they beat us both like animals. After they were done they just kicked us out and went on with business as usual.” See the full post below:

Bell also posted graphic pictures, see below:

Bell also wrote on Facebook, “It’s unfortunate that here in 2018 after fighting for and serving this country honorably I have to wake up with injuries similar to those of my ancestors who fought tirelessly decades ago. We WILL get Justice for this and I WILL NOT go silently! Please keep praying and spreading the word!”

We hope the men who attacked him are properly punished. As Bell asked, please spread the word about this story.


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