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Another day, another attack against our girls.

This time it’s a Chicago charter school whosed dress code policy denies its female students who have period leaks from wrapping shirts around their waists to avoid embarrassment.

According to NPR Illinois, the Noble Network of Charter Schools, which has has 18 campuses that serve 12,000 students in the city, has restricted the amount of time students can use the bathroom, which is leading to period leaks. In addition, their dress code policy doesn’t allow students who stain their clothes to cover them up.

“We have [bathroom] escorts, and they rarely come so we end up walking out [of class] and that gets us in trouble,” an anonymous student texted an NPR reporter.

“But who wants to walk around knowing there’s blood on them? It can still stain the seats. They just need to be more understanding.”

Even worse, the Huff Post noted “that students receive automatic detention after four demerits in a two-week period and are required to take a “character development” course after 13 such detentions.”

One former teacher told NPR Illinois that the schools’ policies are “dehumanizing.”

The Noble president Constance Jones Brewer wrote that unspecified parts of the NPR story were “exaggerated or plainly false.”

“Let me be clear – Noble absolutely accommodates our students during menstruation, including bathroom trips whenever the student needs one,” Brewer said in a statement.

She added: “This is the same accommodation as high schools everywhere, and I would tolerate nothing less from my organization. We love our students and it is our sacred responsibility to ensure their health and safety. We also know that stains are still not 100% preventable for factors that are private to each student, but when they happen, our schools provide supportive solutions as quickly as possible.”


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