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We’ve made it to the end of another week #Lovers and of course there’s another  #OhSoReal Scenario  in store for you. We all have been in a shady situation at least one point in time in our lives…how did you handle it? Did you want to get revenge or did  you make a mental note and let things go? Tonight Helen is involved in a shady scenario  and she’s asking for your advice, give us a call and share your thoughts (844) 258-8762.

I just can't focus!

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Helen and Sally have worked together for the last 7 years. Helen has helped Sally several times when she fell behind on projects. Helen recently made a mistake on her current project and Sally caught it, but instead of giving Helen a heads up, she showed the mistake to their boss while Helen was out of the office. Helen was up for a promotion, but now it’s been delayed.  Helen says she’s done with Sally and tonight is wondering the best way to deal with a sneaky co-worker?

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