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Democrats are trying to win Black voters to their side as African Americans continue to express deep disapproval of the party’s treatment of them.

Democratic leaders are looking to communities with significant populations of people of color to gain a majority advantage in the House, The Hill reported. They are appealing to college-educated voters in areas near cities and rural areas where non-White voter numbers are higher than average. The party’s best bet is to win favor in diverse districts to get 23 seats to achieve a House majority though they want more than 100 GOP seats.

It’s known that many African-American voters, as well as those with college degrees, have expressed strong disapproval of Trump and his policies.

However, Black folks want more respect for their instrumental roles in helping Democrats pull off great victories. Doug Jones‘ Senate win over Roy Moore in Alabama was the direct result of Black women going to the polls last year.

The dissatisfaction among Black folks with Democrats’ treatment has reached far and wide: celebrities have also said their peace on social media.

Black voters have united in demanding more from Democrats. Some politicians have taken notice of these complaints, addressing the National Action Network during a convention in New York City earlier this month.

With concerns about Democrats and Republicans, African-American voters report they are more likely to turn out for the midterm elections, according to The Hill.

Sixty-one percent of African-Americans voters are “extremely interested” in the midterms, according to the NBC–Wall Street Journal survey. This number was 8 points higher than the percentage of white voters who said they were interested.

While Black people wait for the midterms, they will have to deal with swelling Democrat strategies to win their votes. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) placed 50 organizers on the ground in districts across the nation to mobilize voters, Dan Sena, the DCCC executive director, said.


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