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Angela Rye spoke truth to power during a CNN discussion Tuesday (April 24), detailing how Trump and the White House have attempted to normalize racist language.

“I think the moment Donald Trump became the Republican nominee they agreed to normalize racism,” Rye said, adding that GOP policies are “woefully horrible.”

The discussion around Trump and racism got heated when CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter tried to cut off Rye. Don Lemon had posed the question of the president normalizing coded language, and Carpenter challenged the inquiry.

“You have to at some point say Donald Trump is the Republican party’s Frankenstein,” Rye said. “They have to own this. Amanda, you can roll your eyes but I, but I am—“

“Finish your point,” Carpenter protested.

Rye told Carpenter that she needed no permission to drive her point home. She laid bare several examples of Republican leaders refraining from correcting Trump.

“I am, I don’t need your permission to do that, okay?” Rye responded to Carpenter. “Here is the bottom line.”

“Here we go,” Carpenter chimed in before the woke commentator finished her statement.

“Yes, we are just getting started, honey,” Rye replied.

Rye and Carpenter’s discussion comes after a new report revealed that the number of eligible Black voters, along with other non-White racial groups, will grow by the 2020 presidential election.

There are several ways in which African Americans can challenge Trump’s re-election, including taking advantage of demographic shifts that would change the U.S. electorate. Also, stronger voter turnout and an increased margin of support for Democrats could drastically impact election results.

With Trump’s troubling and racist remarks being called out by people like Rye, the 2020 election will attract even more attention. Watch the CNN video below:


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