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In another round of, “Please lord not today,” an 18-year-old white male from Florida decided he would do away with critical thinking when he recently orchestrated a prom proposal for his girlfriend.

Noah Crawley, a senior at Riverview High School, held up a sign with the following sentence, “If I was black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking u 4 prom.”

Sir, who raised you?! One can only hope that his parents are  filled with embarrassment and shock, but guessing from his brash boldness to post something so offensive, “something in the milk ain’t clean.”

One must also examine the girlfriend, who willfully particpated in the foolishness. Not only did she post a photo of Crawley and his sign to Snapchat, but she also delicately placed two heart emoji’s over the image. So sis, was that a “yes?”

The post went viral on Sunday when Erin Williams, one of Crawley’s outraged classmates, shared the photo on Facebook. By 1 p.m, the photo had over 12K shares, WTSP reports.

But the internet revealed that we would not let him win–and prepared to eviscerate the photo back to the ill-conceived hell that it came from.

So far, the school district has given Crawley a limp slap on the wrist, sending a letter to parents warning students  to refrain from racist behavior.

Crawley has since turned on the “affluenza” charm and feigned ignorance–saying his intention was never to insult.

“I want to sincerely apologize if I have offended anyone with the picture going around. That was not my intention. Anyone who knows me or [redacted] knows that that’s not how we truly feel. It was a completely [sic] joke and it went too far,” Crawley said in an interview with WTSP.

“After reading the texts and Snapchat’s I truly see how I have offended people and I’m sorry,” he continued. According to WTSP, the school will organize a series of roundtable discussions on race for current students.


We hope school district officials will also look into disciplinary action for Crawley. It is effectively soul crushing as a student of color to face a peer who has publicly revealed their white supremacy.

Three entities to blame here: Crawley, his parents, his girlfriend, and the school system that missed the lesson in this valuable teaching moment.



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