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On Sunday, March 18, around  9:18 p.m., Sacramento police responded to a call “that a thin, 6-foot-1 black man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants was hiding in a residential backyard after breaking car windows,” according to The Sacramento Bee. Just eight minutes later, officers fired over 20 times at 22-year-old Stephon Clark — in his own backyard. Reportedly, they “feared” for their lives because they saw a gun in his hand. In reality, it was a cell phone. Now, video and audio has been released of the shooting — and it appears the two officers shot Clark within three seconds of encountering him.


Stephon Clark was a father of two. See the photo of Clark with his family.


Stephon’s name on his birth certificate is “Stephen.” The Sacramento Bee reported, “Clark altered the spelling of his name to differentiate it from that of his father.” In addition, he also went by the nickname Zoe.

Body Left In The Backyard For Hours

Stephon Clark’s body was reportedly left in the backyard for several hours. According Sacramento Bee, his grandmother was interviewed by police for hours. After the interview, she said, “I opened that curtain and he was dead. I started screaming.”

Shot With Seconds Of Encountering The Police

According to, “Three seconds pass before one of the officers yells “Gun! Gun! Gun!” and both officers open fire. The 20 gunshots are all fired within about two seconds, according to the videos.” Watch the videos below:

No First Aid

Initially, cops claimed, after shooting the 22-year-old several times, that they didn’t give him first aid because he had a gun. However, he didn’t have a gun, he had a cell phone so they let a young man die.

No Commands?

Cops alleged they gave commands to Clark to put his hands up. However, the grandmother claims she heard  no commands, she only heard gunshots.

Prayers up to everyone affected by this tragedy. We hope Stephon Clarks gets justice.


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