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Woman With Blond Hair Seen Hiding Her Face Through A Window With Blinds

Source: Peter Glass / Design Pics / Getty

If you ain’t saying “no” to drugs after reading this ruthless story, stop, drop, and reevaluate life.

Last month, Kaylee Muthart scraped her own eyeballs out while hallucinating on meth. Updating the world on her real-life horror story, Kaylee says she became addicted to the drug after smoking weed she didn’t know was laced with either meth or cocaine. Hear that kids?

“I thought I was sacrificing myself for the world,” she says of the day she gouged her eyes out. “It wasn’t voices, but I thought it was real.” Kaylee ultimately damaged her optic nerves and blinded herself, USA Today reports.

A little over one month later, she says she’s learning to cope with her blindness and wants people to know they shouldn’t use drugs. “I mean, it would make no sense for me to be perfectly fine, but I’m doing very well,” she said according to the site.

“It took me to get my eyes out of my head to see anything good happening to me,” she adds in a chilling message to the world. “Life’s more beautiful now, life’s more beautiful than it was being on drugs. It is a horrible world to live in.” Head over to PEOPLE for the full story on why Kaylee pulled her eyes out.

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