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Ben Carson is having a really bad month.

In just nine quick but painful days, the housing and urban development (HUD) leader has come under fire for a series of blunders, including but definitely not limited to: outrageous spending; seemingly admitting he’s been a failure as a cabinet member but still not officially owning up to that failure; revising HUD’s mission statement to reinforce housing discrimination; and hired more incompetence to bolster an already highly unqualified staff.

As the saying goes, you’re guilty by association, and it just so happens that a key associate of Carson’s – a senior HUD adviser, in fact – has a rich history of being a serial spreader of fake news on social media, especially when it came to Black voters.

John Gibbs, who is Black, reportedly took it upon himself to push outrageous conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton that he knew would rile up African-American voters to help keep them from casting ballots for her.

According to CNN: “When radio host Wayne Dupree, who is known for spreading a conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax, tweeted that Clinton was losing black voters’ support because her campaign manager took part in “Satanic #SpiritCooking,” Gibbs quote tweeted him, writing, “True, true, and true. #Trump #SpiritCooking #BlackLivesMatter.”

How was he rewarded for his duplicitous, treasonous actions? With a cush job at HUD that he, like many of his departmental colleagues, was supremely unqualified for. And, of course, he still has that lucrative job, with a salary funded by taxpayers, no less.

Sadly, it would seem he fits in perfectly at HUD, what with a boss who said his job his harder than brain surgery and spokesman who has been busted lying to the press on more than one occasion, including once to NewsOne in which he demanded a correction to a story about Carson’s family’s alleged involvement with HUD he later admitted he knew was true all along.


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