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Dont worry, you didn’t miss out on the Bitcoin boom.

In fact, if you have a few extra dollars and a WiFi connection, there are new crypto currencies popping up everyday that are worth investing some spare change in.

Let Twitter user and crypto-investor @QUEENx_xD guide you on the path to digital prosperoty in 2018, via

After I published my last introduction to crypto blog back in October, I had an overwhelming amount of people contacting me wanting to know more. This blog post is way overdue but I had to finish up school (ya girl got that masters!) and get my life together for the New Year. When I published my last post, crypto currency apparently got even more mainstream and has been the main topic of conversation among most of my peers. So I understand why everyone was so eager to know more.

To recap from my last post, Bitcoin increased from 6k to around 11k as of today. Many of you all also experienced a couple of corrections. The major corrections were when $BTC went from 8k to 5k and from 19k to 10k, which is the correction we are experiencing now. When an asset increases in value as fast as Bitcoin has, it is perfectly normal to have corrections to stabilize the price. Learning technical analysis will give a you a better idea of when a correction would be coming and how to govern accordingly.

Looking at the yearly charts, $BTC has about four major corrections a year. The BTC/USD weekly graph below shows the 4 major ~40-50% corrections that happened in 2017. Looking back at January 2017’s corrections, it looks miniscule compare to the price we are seeing now. I personally think of corrections as buying opportunities.


But enough about Bitcoin, let us get back to the real reason I wrote this article, alt coins. Like I stated previously, there thousands of other crypto assets beyond Coinbase’s picks of $BTC, $ETH and $LTC. I honestly have come across an overwhelming amount of projects and coins in this crypto space in the past couple months. For this post, I will introduce to you my top holdings and why I am bullish on them in 2018. This is not investment advice, as I am not a financial advisor. As always, please do your own research.


First up on the list, we have NEO. NEO was the first alt coin I ever purchased. Even at its current price of $140, NEO is still undervalued and has a lot of potential to grow even more in 2018. It’s nickname is the Chinese Ethereum and I think it will grow just as big as ETH in 2018. Just like ETH, NEO allows the creation of smart contracts right on their platform. In 2017 the Chinese government banned all ICOs in China unless it was on the NEO platform. The end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 was the start NEO based decentralized applications (dAPPS) and the start of NEO based ICOs.


Skycoin is actually an older project that came out in 2012. I feel as though they are one of the most completely decentralized projects. SKY is a 3rd generation block chain that has its own programming language, storage system, internet, computing, VPN, messenger and blog. They are aiming for a truly decentralized network. Skycoin also has an extremely active community , posting updates on their blog almost every week. I bought Skycoin at about $3 USD in October. Since then I’m at about 10x profits. With only 7.1 million circulating coins and a market cap of $234 million, Sky definitely has more room to grow in 2018.


Blocksafe aims at tapping into the multibillion dollar weapons industry with its token, TRIG. They are aiming to decentralize gun saftey innovation by being a hub for various innovations to produce better firearms. Gun safety and innovation are important topics that could potentially give TRIG a huge future if it hits mainstream. Blocksafe is essentially transforming the way civilians, military and police use firearms and weapons across the globe. Blaocksafe’s roadmap for 2018 is filled with exciting milestones that are worth taking a look at.


Phore actually accidentally ended up being one of my biggest crypto bags due to the fact that I am splitting a Phore masternode with a group of people. 2018 is the year of privacy coins and masternodes, which is the reason about 50% of my portfolio is made up of privacy coins like PHR. Phore is a simple, yet effective privacy coin. It has secure, private payments within 60 seconds. They are beta testing their decentralized market place and are planning to implement smart contracts on it. With only a $34 million dollar market cap and a loaded 2018 roadmap, PHR still has plenty of room to moon.


What first attracted me to AION was that it was part of an “interoperability alliance”. Along with other 3rd generation blockchains AION, Wanchain ($WAN) and Icon($ICX) will allow interchain transactions. Something that has never been done before. After reading some of AION’s whitepaper, I saw that the AION networks aims to be able to freely pass information, logic and value between AION compliant blockchains and Ethereum. AION has announced that they have partnerships lined up that has me excited for what the team will bring in 2018.

If you would like to know what websites to purchase these, or any other crypto, visit Once you type the name of the coin into the search bar, the exchanges the coin is listed on with be under the “markets” tab.

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