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White Privilege: The Trusty Trump Card

One of Donald Trump’s openly racist former campaign staffers (and there are many) exerted his White privilege in spectacular fashion on Monday when he all but waved his middle finger at a federal subpoena demanding his provide materials (read: snitch) on the president’s alleged, but probable, illegal dealings with Russia in order to secure the White House.

In between calling the White House press secretary a “fat slob” and denying being drunk during an epic media meltdown, Sam Nunberg said “screw that” when asked if he would cooperate with special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Yet it seems, at least in the immediate term, that there are no real ramifications for the man who got fired in 2015 because of anti-Black Facebook posts, including one where he called Al Sharpton’s daughter a “nigger.” In fact, he was able to return to his home and sleep well Monday night instead of being remanded to the nearest cage, something no Black person who did the same thing would ever be able to enjoy. Boy, it’s good to be White in America, ain’t it?

It’s Official: Bank Of America Hates Black People

Bank of America, which was found to have racially discriminated against Black job candidates, will have to pay a small pittance for being racist. The financial giant, which made more than $21 billion in the first quarter of this year, was ordered to fork over $2.1 million for 1,147 Black people to split, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

While that figure is nothing to sneeze at, it’s a small drop in the bucket and probably won’t deter Bank of American from employing the same racist practices in the future. But what’s even more likely, sadly enough, is that the company’s Black bankers won’t take their business elsewhere to show Bank of America they won’t tolerate any form of racism.

D.C. Honors Marion Barry, But Why?

Washington, D.C., “Mayor for Life” Marion Barry was immortalized in the nation’s capital this past weekend when a statue of him was unveiled in front of city hall, the Washington Post reported. And while the history Barry made is undeniable, especially as it pertains to his civil rights legacy, it’s unclear how exactly a drug addict who fell victim to the same crack cocaine that all but canceled out a generation of Black people in America deserves to be honored in such a grand fashion.

Political accomplishments aside, Barry cheated on his wife, called a woman he smoked crack with a “bitch” , was arrested for stalking a woman and appeared to relapse decades later as a city councilman. Never mind the fact that he was also a convict. How is that the type of person, let alone Black person, who should be memorialized in such a grandiose fashion? Is that who our Black youth should really be looking up to? Black folks, we can and need to do better, and that starts by not celebrating crackheads who refuse to just say no.


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