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driving on the road

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Lawmakers in Maryland are again considering a bill that would allow police to give a ticket to people driving slow in the fast lane.

This bill is similar to what was introduced last year. It builds on a lesson learned while taking driver’s education: slower traffic keeps right, so drivers can pass on the left.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Do you agree or disagree? (#qotd @drejohnson @92qjamsbmore on IG & Twitter)

Sharee Scott Hearn I agree as long as they don’t abuse it like everything else.

Patty Pbj Johnson Well I’m confused because u are to do the speed limit so why is there a fast lane that’s the lane u get a ticket in the fastest for going too fast….

David Anderson Agreed

Frank Millz Yea.. Get out-of-the-way..

Nicolas West They can drive safely in the middle lane 🤷🏾‍♂️

mrs.sampsonrules Agree….slow drivers annoy me

og_mac73 GM Dre. This should have been a law long ago.

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 It seems like the law makers are coming together every week to find a way to hit our pockets. How bout they figure out a way to pay me back my $500 for my struts & front end alignment from hitting all these #POTHOLES

living_lovin15 Well@that all depends… bc technically it’s not a fast last bc the speed is the same as all other lanes 😩😩😩😩. Now if you’re talking just to be driving slow and not moving along at that steady pace then yes, I’m for it lol

ogmaylex Unnecessary. Just pull up behind them, flash the lights or get on the horn & make them move. We see the police do it all the time when they don’t want to wait at red lights🤔

nyzblueY ES…the far left lane is the fast lane not the I’m afraid to drive and go slow as shit lane 😡😡😡

kiba_darling I agree. The left lane is the passing lane, but if you have a slow driver in that lane people can’t pass. Give them tickets

mizmindcontrol I don’t agree with ticketing them but do feel they should remain in the right lanes when driving slower

doubledmonroe I agree!

mufasa_del_rey driving slow in the passing or fast lane is more dangerous than most would think. i’m totally for this

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