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Quiet, hipster, or in your early twenties? There’s a playlist for that.

One Uber driver has gone completely above and beyond in his quest for a five star rating, and it looks like he probably gets just that pretty often. He announced via his Twitter page that he just recently began working for some ride-sharing apps, and wanted to make sure that he made all of his customers as comfortable as possible. How’d he do it? He compiled just under a dozen playlists in advance, and whenever he gets a new passenger, he quickly makes an assumption on what music they’d like by a few generalizations, and presses play.

The playlists include titles like, “quiet ppl,” “early 20s fem,” and “white dudes who look like they like rap,” and according to Twitter, the playlists are actually really good.

According to @TEEJUS_, he’s been getting a lot of compliments on his music since implementing his new technique, and the people of the internet agree.

Next time you’re in an Uber and the music is just you’re style, you know exactly what’s going on.

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