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Senate Confirmation Hearings Continue For Incoming Trump Administration

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Wanda Sykes is breaking down all of the reasons that Omarosa Manigault-Newman just might be a Black History Fail.
Black History Month isn’t always all about Black Panther. Sometimes, we have to take a look at where our people have gone wrong so that others might not make the same mistake.
Wanda’s started off her video for The Tonight Show in a pretty standard fashion, but then she had some tough questions for Omarosa.

“Omarosa-Manigault Newman is a TV personality and former White House aid. She gained fame on the reality show ‘The Apprentice,’ where she was fired by Donald Trump three times,” Sykes said. “You let Donald Trump fire you three times? Why would you keep working for him. You never heard of LinkedIn or Hell, Craigslist has job postings and some of them are a little sketchy, but those people might still be less crazy than Trump.”
Speaking of getting fired by Trump’s administration, Wanda joked that the White House janitorial staff was still scrubbing scuff marks out of the marble from when Omarosa was tossed out.
It’s still unclear whether Omarosa quit, or whether she was fired from her position as the White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Perhaps it would be a bit more clear if anyone knew what exactly her job in The White House entailed.
“Look, it doesn’t matter which story you believe,” Wanda said, “we can all agree that Omarosa Manigault Newman is one of the great fails in Black History.”
As if that weren’t bad enough, Wanda also had to correct Omarosa’s claims that Trump’s election was the “ultimate revenge” and that everyone would have to “bow down.”
“Fake news,” Wanda asserted. “I doubt and disagree with Donald Trump every single day and have yet to bow down to him.”
Before she ended her brief assessment, she had a few words on hard advice for Omarosa, who swiftly returned to the world of reality TV once she was done in Trump’s administration.
“Come on, Omarosa, get your sh*t together, man,” Wanda said. “Come on, sis, come on. Just look at yourself.”

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