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Donnie Simpson & Tony Perkins

Source: Louis Myrie / WMMJ


Imagine going home and it’s not there? Not because you got thrown out, but because it’s…not…there!

This happened to a Houston couple. They had a vacation home in Madisonville, TX., went down there one weekend and it just wasn’t there. They called the sheriff’s department, and the conversation went like this:

“I said, ‘You know this is really going to sound strange, but I need to report a stolen house.’ They were like, ‘A house?’ I said, ‘Yes. We have 10 acres and had a little cabin, and the cabin is gone,’” Jo Harrison recalled.

If you’ve seen it, you’re asked to call the Madisonville Sheriff’s department.

Of course, Donnie and Tony had their thoughts on this situation, listen below: