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There is a very dangerous strain of the flu across the United States. Maryland recorded its first flu related child death this season and people are on alert about how this “Super Flu” can spread.


The University of Maryland recently published results of a study that found the flu virus spreads even easier than previously thought.

That’s not good news in the midst of this year’s bad flu season, but the School of Public Health hopes the study will be used to help reduce the risk of flu transmission in public places. And although coughing and touching can spread the flu, it can also be spread in the air.

“The best thing is to stay home and not be in contact with other people,” said Dr. Somayeh Youssefi, a UMD post-doctoral researcher. “Because even breathing, normal breathing – without coughing or sneezing – is a hazard.” The study was done using a machine that people believed to be infected with the flu breathed into. The machine captured their breath, which was later analyzed.

The UMD School of Public Health has now begun another study involving the flu – this one looking at how and why the flu and three other viruses are transmitted.

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