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Melania Trump, Black women have something important to say about relationships.

ICYMI, there’s this movement called “Boy, Bye.” Generally, folks give use this expression in the dismissal of someone or someone’s action. They may follow this expression up with a peace sign to make it more effective, but the idea is that they are saying that they are not taking ish from anyone.

Mary J. Blige is case in point: she responded to her now-ex-husband Kendu Isaacs‘ alleged cheating with her protege by moving on from the drama. In fact, she turned to music with her album, Strength Of A Woman. Blige has proved that there’s a cathartic healing that takes place through music, especially when one deals with the hurt of a relationship. In this way, she turned her pain into prosperity; she got her groove back. And after the dust settled a bit, she was honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. She dealt with the drama.

With all that craziness about Trump, there has got to be a moment when delusion will stop. The talk of cheating, porn stars, sexual assault, racism and all other horrible AF things about Trump is not going to be tolerated. Women should not put up with disrespect in any form for any time.

Terrible disrespect is what happens when one marries a man that has taken permanent residence in the sunken place, reaching new lows every damn day. Trump’s life has more problems than a reality-TV script, and you gotta be tired of the constant sideeye. The voices of porn star Stormy Daniels, the women who have accused Trump of assault and the countless women that dislike Trump and his toxic masculinity must be keeping you up at night. It’s clear why you are reportedly so miserable.

Daniels being paid off reportedly made you “furious” and sent you to spend major coins on traveling to Mar-a-Lago to get away from Trump. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to bear the burden of your frustration, but at least you are not frontin’ about things. Pretending just won’t help, nor will racism, stupidity or any other horrible foolishness going on with people in the White House. Black America won’t accept ignorance or any offensive thing, especially this troubling marriage.

Taking a page from their playbook is highly recommended.


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