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Baltimore Houses

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Baltimore landlords face more inspections if the proposal to update rental housing regulations goes effect.

A City Council bill will be introduced tonight which calls for licensing and inspecting all residential rental properties in Baltimore.

Current city law requires properties of three or more units to be inspected every year to get and maintain “multi-family” dwelling licenses.

“We’re hoping to get a better quality of rentals across the city,” said Councilman Bill Henry.


Dre’s #breakfastbite… Do you think this will improve the quality of rentals in the city? Would you be ok with the inspection? (via IG & Twitter) @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore

Caron Gilliam If they inspect and are consistent with follow ups it may help but there should have always been inspections that hold property owners accountable.

driver_nation The inspectors are limited in the time they have and they are so far back logged that they may never be able to catch up to be able to inspect housing that is already lived in! T

dollface_legend I think inspections will improve the quality of rental properties but with the raise in quality will come with a rise in rent.

1black_lace Yes, because landlords will be penalized if homes are in need of repairs, but is not completed in the given time frame. Also, this is just another way for the city to get easy money and possibly put liens on people properties. Hence, if the liens aren’t paid they will go up for sale. (more money and another way to continue to take over the city?)

jessi_jess_83 I would definitely be ok with the inspection!

from_thecitythat_reads You can inspect your own house and tell them what the problems are…..this is how you gut a city…..hella people bout to get put out, “relocated”….

kingfrom9ether Way to spot prevalent ownership..see which communities would be in the best revenue interest of the city to invest in either by repairs or buying them..this move is all about the best interest of the city not the people

lovingmelovingyou This will be interesting. I have no problem with it, section 8 already inspects 2 out of 3 of my rentals so I’m good.

blissfulibra As a former Code Enforcement Official for Baltimore City I have to say, from experience, inspections are no enough! First, they’re already being done and the landlords make repairs when they feel like it, if they do it at all. The only time landlords make repairs in a timely fashion is in rent escrow cases when their rent is being held by the court and are only required to make repairs on issues involving health & safety. Landlords are required to have a Use & Occupancy certificate which comes with an inspection. The homes start off in good condition and the tenants damage the property then call the inspectors to complain in order to avoid paying rent. It is a dysfunctional cycle that won’t end with a simple inspection.

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