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A procedural vote today at noon will determine if the government shutdown will continue. A bipartisan group of Senate moderates is floating plan for a three-week extension to keep the government open, and a debate on a DACA deal and immigration reforms during that time

What does that mean for you in the DC area? Look below

If you’re a federal employee or a government contractor, you might not be going to work as normal this week.

Workers who are deemed essential were still expected to report to work Monday at their normal time. Most federal employees whose jobs are deemed non-essential likely fall into the furloughed category, and will not report to work until the shutdown ends.

During the 2013 government shutdown, roughly 800,000 federal employees were furloughed.

Some non-essential employees will still be required to report to work Monday for about four hours to perform shutdown procedures, like handing off projects, setting automatic email replies and shutting down computers. Employees will be told not to use government cell phones or email during the shutdown.

We spoke with #FamMember Dr. Wendy Osefo about the shutdown You can check out the interview above

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