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The Tax Bill From Hell

The Trump administration is desperately trying to pass meaningful legislation after failing on ObamaCare, never building the racist wall and bombing on all of his other promises. Well, it appears the tax reform bill might just pass. It just needs one more vote. According to, “The Senate parliamentarian ruled Tuesday afternoon that some changes will need to be made to the House version to make it comply with the Byrd rule, so the Senate will vote on the amended bill Tuesday night, then send it back to the House for a vote Wednesday morning.” The Byrd Rule“allows Senators during the Reconciliation Process to block legislation if it possibly would increase significantly the federal deficit beyond a ten-year term.”

Once it passes, Trump will finally have a legislative victory he can brag about. Sadly, reports  already claim the tax bill will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit. Taxes are going to increase in New Jersey, New York and California — three states that enormously support the country’s economy. While other states will get a momentary tax cut, those tax cuts will expire and taxes will increase. Lastly, it’s a bonanza for the rich and corporations. Trump’s tax bill is another version  of Ronald Reagan‘s lie of trickle down economics, which ruined the economy in the 1980s — if you weren’t wealthy.

In A Nineties Kind Of World…

When you were part of a legendary sitcom song with a damn good theme song, we can only imagine people are singing it to you a billion times a day. Erika Alexander, who played Maxine, and Kim Coles, who played Synclair, gave you a taste of how annoying it can be to hear someone croak out, “In a nineties kind of world, I’m glad I got my girls.” Watch the hilarious moment below!


In Palm Springs, California, there is a chain link fence and row of tamarisk trees separating a golf course and a historically Black neighborhood. Reportedly, the trees were planted in the 1960s to keep Black residents off the golf course. According to, the trees “have artificially depressed property values and prevented Black families from accumulating wealth in their property over the past half century.” Now, Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon and other city officials have promised to remove the trees.  Mayor Moon told residents who gathered for a meeting about the trees, “You asked why it took us this long. I can’t answer that. But guess what? We’re here now.” The trees will be replaced with a six-foot privacy wall for residents.

The ‘racist’ trees won’t be removed immediately, first they have to find the money in the budget. Well, surely high-priced Palm Springs can dig up the coins to remove trees that are bringing down the property value for their residents. Let’s not act as if Palm Springs is living in poverty. Make it happen, Mayor Moon.



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