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Chrissy Teigen pregnant, baby bump

Source: Splash News

Asking Twitter for help can always go one of two ways: either you find out some amazing answers that Google never would have provided for you, or people completely troll you with every single answer. Chrissy Teigen experienced the latter on Monday when she asked for some help with a headache caused by her pregnancy–not just some regular “take a Tylenol” though, she wanted some witchcraft-type remedies.

Unsurprisingly, since the model is such an outrageous Twitter personality herself, people were ready to give her the craziest answers they could think of, though some of them might have been true. Whether it’s people suggesting she eat some chicken strips or just waiting for mercury to be out of retrograde, the answers are probably not actually going to help Teigen with her headache. But they sure are entertaining.

Check out some of the funniest replies Chrissy had to deal with below.




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