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Two young women look down, horrified, at mobile phone

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Cell Phones are totally a gift and a curse to today’s society — the convenience of it makes life a little easier, but the health warning signs are pretty dangerous.

According to The New York Daily News:

“Health officials at the California Department of Public Health released guidelines for safe cell phone practices for the first time, citing radiation dangers as one of the main warnings.The strategies for lowering cell phone-related health issue risks from the CDPH come from research that suggests long-term, consistent use might lead to disease and illness, although the department acknowledges that the scientific community is somewhat at odds over the effects cell phones can cause in people.”

Here are a few tips to to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones, courtesy of the CDPH:

Keep your phone away from your body


Put it in airplane mode when not in use to avoid EMF.


Hit the flip for more life saving tips.

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