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One high school student took one for the team when he made a deal with his teacher that went much better than expected.

Brandon Riley of St. Edward High School asked his teacher how many retweets it would take to cancel the final calculus exam. His teacher, Mr. Corcoran,  said he wouldn’t cancel the exam, but he would give the class one bonus point for every 500 retweets Brandon received.

After a handshake, Brandon quickly went to Twitter and asked everyone from LeBron James to Ellen DeGeneres for help. Eventually, he was able to secure a retweet from WWE wrestler and S. Edward graduate Dolph Ziggler, who has more than 2 million followers.

In less than 24 hours, Brandon’s initial post got more than 35,000 retweets, earning his class 70+ bonus points. He’s the real MVP.

Now try this with a teacher you know and watch what happens…this could be the start of a movement.



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