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The Baltimore Police Department creates a decoy unit of young officers wearing plainclothes due to the recent rise of robberies and assaults by youth in Downtown and South Baltimore.

The new unit will be trained young police officers deployed to specific areas where there’s a spike in violent and repeat juvenile offenders, according to Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.


Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are your thoughts? Good idea or bad idea? IG or twitter @drejohnson1 & @92qjamsbmore

Nic Flow I hope them kids heard the message.

LK Schwendig Good idea, they should have been doing this! Most cities do

Patty Pbj Johnson I don’t think the news should have had that information somethings need to be within the dept stop letting the streets know your every move

Elder Bolden People talking about recreations and programs for the youth. I never had participated in one program here in Baltimore as a child. I never did the stuff these kids are doing now.  Don’t blame lack of programs, make these parents responsible for their children behavior.

Monique Elise Worth a try

Fabian Dunston Absolutely because the crime these young people are committing is ridiculous .

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