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Chrisette Michele

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After months of radio silence, Chrisette Michele is back, not just on social media sharing that she was suicidal after she performed at Donald Trump’s inauguration, but she also suffered a miscarriage and was dropped from her record label.

But clearly, she’s not done speaking her truth. The singer is also on what seems like an apology-explanation tour.

First she sat down with Roland Martin apologizing for singing for #45 and was recently in the hot seat on The Breakfast Club. And what she had to say was interesting and open, especially given how harsh the popular radio show hosts can be.

From the jump, Charlamagne wanted to know why she posted on social media that she lost her baby.

“I had a lot of things happen over the last few months,” Chrisette said.

“I’ve had PCOS for a long time and stress causes flare-ups. And so I’ve had flare-ups over the last nine months from all of the stress of everything that’s happened since January. I just wanted people to know because I felt like people wanted to know if I was affected. They wanted to know what I was experiencing because it was so many words that people had, and I felt like, maybe they don’t know that I hear them,” she said.

“So instead of coming out with a song right away or an album right away, I wanted to say, you know, it’s been tough. These are the things that I’ve been going through. And the next art you hear from me will be about that.”

Chrisette was also asked about–and criticized– for posting a picture of blood clots on social media, an image that she admitted was not her own. However, she told the hosts that regardless of who the picture belonged to, she could “identify” with having a miscarriage and didn’t feel she was doing any harm.

“It wasn’t mine. When what was happening to me was happening to me, I didn’t think to take a photo. But many women did. And many women post their photos on different websites to see what’s going on in their body. I think myself identifying with somebody else’s photo, I wanted people to know the severity of what I experienced,” she said.

Chrisette added, “And so I put something up to show it. I didn’t want it to fall on deaf ears because it seems like a lot of women’s issues, in general, mental health in general, anxiety, stress, women’s bodies in general, falls on deaf ears. I couldn’t let this be a moment where I just let it fall on deaf ears. Until you’ve been through a miscarriage, you can’t tell somebody how to deal with it. But me sort of coming clean about it was important for my healing.”

Then she was asked by Angela Yee the question we all have been wondering: Does she think the backlash around Trump played a role in losing her child. She emphatically answered, ‘yes.”

“…literally just the stress of being an artist sometimes is a lot. But the stress of Trump becoming the president, me becoming so associated with someone I don’t support, and then the stress of the hatred online and then the stress of me wondering if I ever wanted to sing again, I think that had a lot to do with the stress on my body.”

She added that she was “hurt” for the lack of empathy around her loss.

“That’s hurtful,” she said.

“What I try to do with all my might is see why they’re really saying it because I know no one wants me to have a miscarriage. That can’t possibly be the case. I want to believe people are inherently good. That’s what I’ve been telling myself over the last nine months. People are inherently good, I just have to wait for them to heal.”

The Grammy-award winning singer stressed that she did not lie about her miscarriage to garner sympathy.

“If you want to f–k with me after this, do, if you don’t want to f–k with me after this, don’t,” she said.

“But when a woman goes through a miscarriage and has that experience, you can’t tell her how to deal with it and how to handle it. I’ve seen women commit suicide over having a miscarriage. I know what I’ve experienced is something that could have driven me further over the edge. I could have been six feet under. So, while I respect you asking because your audience is asking, I don’t know if I’m going to address that anymore. That happened, it was painful, I shared it and that’s all there is to it.”

Regardless of how one might feel about Chrisette, she still deserves our sympathy around losing a child and feeling suicidal. No one should have to go through that type of trauma alone and without her community’s support. Real talk: She’s still one of us.

We just hope that Chrisette is getting the help that she needs–and deserves.

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