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Hazel E did her best to sweep up the dust after endorsements were snatched underneath her due to a homophobic social media rant filled to the brim with damning comments about the LGBT community.

She spoke with TMZ in a two-minute video where she did nothing more other than dig herself deeper into her etehered hole. The reality star is facing severe backlash after she co-signed a post from her boyfriend Rose on Wednesday, condemning gays to burn in hell.

“The post that Rose made, and I’m not justifying it because I actually feel horrible that the LGBT community is upset with me because that was definitely not my intent to offend an entire community…” Hazel said.

Hazel continues, saying that she’s also sorry because “where would she be without” all the gays who make her look beautiful in these streets with their hair, makeup and styling skills.

Girl, what?

She also referred to the back and forth with comedian Jess Hilarious and a man who came forward to allege that Rose is hiding his homosexuality.

But the whole thing fell apart when she rooted her notions about the LGBT community in the bible, saying that the bible clearly speaks on homosexuality.

“Do I believe that if two men are sleeping together they going to burn in hell? I’m not God, I can’t judge you and I won’t judge you.”

Someone run back the tape for her so we can point to the specific comments she made, negating the statement above.

It’s also important to notice that she made no mention or apology for the ignorant comments laced with colorism in reference to her female “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” co-stars.

Watch the video above as Hazel continues to pour gas over the flames.



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