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Season 2 of This Is Us premieres tonight on NBC. Before you prep for what will surely be an emotional first episode, take a moment to think back on where the Pearsons left off the last time you tuned in.

1. Jack & Rebecca Meet For The First Time

In a bunch of flashbacks, we get to see how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) first met. It’s 1972 and Jack is trying to get out of his abusive dad’s house. He’s working as a handyman, but not making much cash. He and his friend end up betting all the money Jack has at a poker game—and they win, but are then robbed by the other players. Desperate for money, Jack plans to make the cash back by robbing the register at a nearby bar, where Rebecca is coincidently slated to sing. He’s distracted by Rebecca and ends up not robbing the joint. The rest is history.

2. Jack & Rebecca split up—well, sort of.

In another flashback, we see how Jack and Rebecca’s relationship started to crumble prior to Jack’s eventual death. Struggling with alcohol addiction, Jack drove drunk to Cleveland to see Rebecca sing with her band. Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend Ben and Jack got into a fight after Jack found out Ben tried to kiss Rebecca. Rebecca ends up driving them home before performing. Later on, Jack and Rebecca slept separately and in the morning, after a really intense conversation about their relationship, Rebecca asked Jack to leave. He went to stay with his friend Miguel (Jon Huertas).

3. Kate & Toby head back to L.A.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) and her boyfriend Toby (Chris Sullivan), who’d recently suffered a heart attack, finally seemed OK with each other again. Last we saw, they were on their way to Los Angeles and Kate declared she wanted to pursue a singing career.

4. Kevin & Sophie are finally on the same page.

After causing Sophie a world of hurt, Kevin seemed to have finally won his first love over. As you’ll remember, Kevin and Sophie were high school sweethearts who got married at a young age, but Kevin cheated. Just as they get back on track, Kevin was offered a role in Ron Howard’s new movie and had to relocate to L.A. for the time being to film.

5. Randall decides he wants to adopt a baby.

After he lost his biological dad William (Ron Cephas Jones) to an ugly battle with stage 4 cancer, season one came full circle when Randall (Sterling K. Brown) announced to his wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that he wanted to adopt a child. As you know, Randall was adopted and raised as a Pearson kid, alongside twins Kate and Kevin Pearson.

Tune in tonight, September 26, at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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