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Wild Card Round - Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans

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Ray Lewis mention in an recent interview that the Ravens decided not to sign #ColinKaepernick because of a pic his girlfriend tweeted comparing Raven’s owner Steve Biscotti and himself to characters from “Django Unchained.”

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— NESSA (@nessnitty) August 3, 2017


Dre’s #breakfastbite… What are your thoughts? ig@92qjamsbmore

Rell Illustrious You can’t blame his lady posting that pic for Kaep not being signed to any NFL. #52 and Biscotti was just butt hurt of the whole situation.
Bill Lo Simms Ray Lewis is losing more of Baltimore’s respect and admiration every single time who does a interview. Colin Kaepernick represents the people of the struggle, and if you don’t support him then you don’t support us
Stuart Goodall So Ray is saying Bisciotti’s feelings are more important than the team winning? Ok.
Sumayya Bolget Bullshit and lies they wasn’t gonna sign him before Ray a coon he got a second chance from murder charges Kaep did nothing wrong beside standing up for what’s right and the white didn’t like it period it’s a shame in 2017
Tashia Smith Good am Dre!!! That’s BULLSHIT and they know it… Excuse my language
whthershey209Doesn’t this categorize under freedom of speech which is why he lost his first jobAnd it was nothing he said it was with his girlfriend said so how can they hold him accountable and cost him a contract
equanimity_clint83You never know what was said in that meeting that made her tweet that
wasalmostbriceHis career is dead and buried. It sucks.. Count your $ and move on. Dont bite the hand that feeds you nobody “owes” you a job. He could humble hiself and play for the vet minimum for a year. He did the equivalent of a government employee going to work with a F Trump tshirt on.
know_daze_off47Either way it was a bad move by his girlfriend. She burned that bridge with that tweet. The Ravens wasn’t going to sign him anyway, but she just gave them a valid reason not to.
masterchefdr@drejohnson1 bro I look at it like this the Ravens are in the business of winning and making fans happy if someone’s significant other has an opinion is shouldn’t matter to the organization I feel like Ray has lost his way the black community in Baltimore supported him where he was accused of murder when the same people he is pandering to now was crucifying him I agree with Colin’s wife as a Ravens fan I would have loved to see #7here but the Ravens dropped the ball on this and allowed the majority ticket holders who live in surrounding counties who are 🤔🤔🤔🤔”slightly” racist sway the decision on Kap it’s the Baltimore Ravens not the elkridge , Anne Arundel county Harford county etc Ravens I’m tired of watching Joes lackluster performance overthrown passes inaccuracies and lack of drive when we need him I think Colin who is way better then mallet should be our back up and make joe actually work for that 27 mill his getting this year he is a lazy Qb no receiving camps doesn’t lead the team…… it sucks not watching football or supporting the nfl in anyway but I stand with Kap✊🏿

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