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President Barack Obama Delivers His State Of The Union Address

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Trump supporters Diamond and Silk  are still going hard for their President. The two women appeared on Fox & Friends recently and they had nothing but praise for Trump, and nothing but disgust for Congress. They even went so far as to hint that Congress should be abolished.

The two came to this conclusion when they discussed their frustration over the Republican healthcare bill failing to pass in the Senate. Congress will soon take a recess next week and when they return, Diamond and Silk has some words for them. “Maybe it’s time to repeal and replace them when they come back,” Diamond said.

The two later argued that Congress isn’t focused on the people of the United States “because they’re working for their own greed and not the need of people.” An interesting thought when the healthcare bill Diamond and Silk support would give huge tax cuts to the wealthy.

Moving on.

When host Abby Huntsman asked Diamond and Silk how they thought their President was doing, they gave all accolades. “Oh, phenomenal,” Silk said. “And amazing, he’s doing an amazing job. Just look at the stock market, look at the jobs that’s coming back. He’s doing a phenomenal job through everything that’s going on.”

And if you think Diamond and Silk are concerned with Russia’s alleged involvement in Trump’s election, think again.  “Our President is about to be railroaded,” Diamond said, believing that lawmakers are not in touch with the American people. They argued most people only care about “jobs, jobs, job,” not “Russia, Russia, Russia.” You can watch the two gush over Trump below.

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