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Keyshia Cole Featuring Miguel In Concert

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Keyshia Cole is still living with her ex-husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson for two big reasons.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood viewers were left gagging when it was revealed that Keyshia and Daniel are still living under the same roof. The public has seen the ups and downs of their relationship play out, so many were a bit shocked to learn that they were still living together.

When asked why they still share a home even after their split, Keyshia said that she doesn’t want their son growing up without being able to see his father every day. She missed having that in her own life, so didn’t want that for little D.J.

“I didn’t know my biological father growing up. So — it’s kind of a strong, emotional situation for me… because I want DJ to have everything that I didn’t,” she explained to E! News. “It’s not about me and him at this point. My son is 7. He needs his father.

Beyond that, Keyshia is still looking out for Daniel in the midst of struggles because she still sees him as family.

“Daniel is going through some financial things and I feel like you know what–we still–we’re co parents,” Keyshia said. “If I can help, I would want him to do it for me if I were in that predicament. And all that matters is that DJ is there with them and we get to see him.”

It’s not anything the public hasn’t heard before from reality stars in similar positions. So, it almost begged the question: What is the status of Keyshia’s relationship with Daniel? One of the reporters took it upon herself to ask whether the pair are still together or not.

“We’ve been going through it for a very long time as far as the separation then back together,” Keyshia stated after some hesitation, clarifying that she and Boobie are most definitely done. “That’s why I ultimately made the decision of making sure we go our separate ways. We don’t confuse things.”


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