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Our Majic Girls Trip to see the movie, #GirlsTrip was a success! Vic Jagger & Grand Prize Winner Yolanda Thomas along with 3 of her girls started the night off with dinner and games at Dave & Busters in Silver Spring. Then, the ladies rode in style to the advanced screening of #GirlsTrip at the Regal Theater in Gallery Place.

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There was a lot of laughter and cutting up as the ladies made their way to DC. The ladies LOVED the #GirlsTrip and had an amazing time at the screening. You can check out some of the videos and pictures from fun moments during our Majic Girls Night Out but just remember… What happened during “Girls Night Out”… Stayed There!

Make sure you check out #GirlsTrip in theaters everywhere!

[Photos] Vic Jagger And Out #GirlsTrip Winners “Girls Night Out”
Majic Girl's Trip
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