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LRNB Radio is back for our end of the week episode and tonight we’re going to bring your Friday in with some good R&B and grown folk conversation. If you have a scenario that you’d like to get advice on, send us an inbox message on FB and we’ll ask the listeners what they think. All names will be changed and you’d be surprised how many people call up thankful that we’re discussing the same situation they’re in. Call 844-258-8762 with your advice on Ronnie’s #OHSOREALScenario: 


Ronnie 51 and Vickie 43 have been married for 19 years. Ronnie doesn’t know much about computers but he decided to play with his wife’s iPad tablet while she was out shopping. While on the device a message popped up on the screen asking if Vickie was close yet. After reading the full conversation, Ronnie learned his wife had been meeting with a woman in different parking locations. 

Ronnie is concerned that his wife, who dated a woman in college, might be having an affair with this woman, since he has met all of her other friends.  Ronnie is wondering if he should confront her or seek out more facts before speaking out? 

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